Message from President

A specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation known as Physiatrist treats patients with physical and/or cognitive impairments and disabilities that result from musculoskeletal, neurological or other medical conditions. Physiatrists have expertise in medications, therapeutic exercise and interventions for management of pain and spasticity, electro diagnosis, prostheses, orthoses and other equipment to assist daily activities and coordinate treatment to help patients improve their physical, psychological, social and vocational function.

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Message from General Secretary

A Physiatrist or PMR physician is a medical specialist in pain, paralysis, musculoskeletal disorders, rheumatological diseases, diseases of nerve and brain, injury and illness related to disability. Physiatrist approaches to patient with a look at the person as a whole not just the disease or condition. BAPMR is the national medical specialty organization in Bangladesh that represents about 260 Physiatrists nationwide. The association started its journey in 1995 under the dynamic leadership of Prof. Md. Quamrul Islam the father of Physical Medicine in Bangladesh. Since the beginning the association has been sincerely working to raise the awareness regarding the specialty among physicians and general people. Our members are actively participating in scientific meeting at national, regional and international level with exchange of new ideas in the field of Physiatry. BAPMR has been organizing scientific seminars, symposium, workshops and international days related to disability regularly.

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Journals of BAPMR

International Conferences


6th National Convention and Scientific Conference BAPMRCON 2010

Date: 2010-11-06 to 2010-11-07


Dhaka Sheraton Hotel and BSMMU


Enrichment of Medical Rehabilitation for the Disabled


  • Medical Education Session
  • Rehab management special issues
  • Medical Rehabilitation critical issues
  • Neuro Rehabilitation session
  • Musculoskeletal session
  • Plenary session
  • Free paper session





Session-I (Medical Education Session)

Topic –

  • Post Graduate Medical Education in PMR- M Taslim Uddin, Golam Nabi.

  • Research in Rehabilitation Medicine- Md. Shahidur Rahman.

  • Importance of physical medicine in medical science- Kazi Abdullah Al Mamun.

Session-II (Rehab management special issues)

Topic –

  • Role of Medical Rehabilitation in Acute Disaster response: Cyclone SIDR perspectives- Md. Taslim Uddin.

  • Rehabilitation of Torture Victims Require a Holistic Approach- AKM Salek.

  • Rehabilitation Management of Trauma Victims –Monirul Islam.

Session-III (Medical Rehabilitation critical issues)

Topic –

  • Concepts in Community based rehabilitation- Shahidur Rahman.

  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome- current concepts and confusions- Hilalul Islam.

  • Recent advances in Post Traumatic Hand Rehabilitation –Adriana Nica.

  • Role of pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD-Musharraf Hussain.

  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities, December 3-Md. Taslim Uddin.

Session-IV (Neuro Rehabilitation session)

Topic –

  • Research in Stroke Rehabilitation - Mohammed Sakel.

  • Neurosurgery for spasticity and its management update- Md. Joynul Islam.

  • Pattern of cerebral palsy patients and their management strategies in Pediatric neurology unit BSMMU- Shaheen Akhtar.

  • Rehabilitation of Spinal Cord Injured people: Holistic approach in Bangladesh- Sayeed Uddin Helal.

Session-V (Musculoskeletal session)

Topic –

  • Role of imaging in diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis- Salauddin Al Azad.

  • Hemophilic arthritis, management update- Syed Muzaffar Ahmed.

  • Rehabilitation of patents with rheumatoid arthritis- Shahadat Hussain.

  • Effects of selective rehabilitation on the patients with chronic Low back pain- MA Shakoor.

Session-VI (Plenary session)

Topic –

  • Stroke Rehabilitation- Sohely Rahman.

  • Psychiatric management of pain disorder-Muhammad Zillur Rahman Khan.

  • Compliance of treatment in Physiatry- Shahidur Rahman.

  • Efficacy of Injection with Triamcenolone Acetonide proximal to the Carpal Tunnel in relieving symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS): A Randomized Control Trial- Monirul Islam.

  • Effect of aerobic exercise on quality of life in stable angina-Farida Khatun Chhobi.

  • Evaluation of the effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) on the patients with acute low back pain-Badrunnesa Ahmed.

Session-VII (Free paper session)

Topic –

  • Effects of therapeutic exercise along with functional orthosis in patients with Colles’ fracture-Mohammad Abdur Rahim.

  • Effect of Microwave diathermy on the patients with Lumber Spondylosis- Md. Ilias.

  • Effects of intensive neurodevelopmental treatment on children with Cerebral Palsy- Mohammad Azizur Rahman.

  • Effects of Quadriceps muscle strengthening exercise on patients with Osteoarthritis of knee joint- AK Azad.

  • Prevalence and clinical pattern of JIA in a rural area of Bangladesh- Md. Saiful Azam.

  • Comparative study of the effect of shortwave diathermy and IRR on chronic low back pain due to Lumber Spondylosis- Habibur Rahman.

  • An observational study on 91 female patients attending rehabilitation unit in a private hospital- Jebun Nessa.

  • Role of Physiatric approach in the rehabilitation of Lymphedema in post Mastectomy patients-Taslima Hoq.

  • In Patient service in Physical Medicine dept, Dhaka Medical College Hospital- An overview- Sunam Kumar Barua.

Session-VIII (Free paper session)

Topic –

  • A study on physical functioning in patients with Rheumatoid arthritis – Md. Nazimuddin.

  • Effects of Lumber corset on the patients with Lumber Spondylosis- M Tariqul Islam.

  • Diagnosis profile and therapies offered in the Physical Medicine department of a specialized Orthopedic Hospital at Dhaka city- Moinuddin Hossain Khan.

  • Role of wrist splint in patients with symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- Ehsanul Haque Khan.

  • Effect of elbow band in the management of Lateral Epicondylitis- ASM Minhajuddin.

  • Effect of unloading traction on patients with knee Osteoarthritis- Ferdousur Rahman Al Mahmud.

  • Efficacy of Low level Laser therapy in the management of Lateral Epicondylitis( Tennis Elbow)- MS Hossain.