Message from President

A specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation known as Physiatrist treats patients with physical and/or cognitive impairments and disabilities that result from musculoskeletal, neurological or other medical conditions. Physiatrists have expertise in medications, therapeutic exercise and interventions for management of pain and spasticity, electro diagnosis, prostheses, orthoses and other equipment to assist daily activities and coordinate treatment to help patients improve their physical, psychological, social and vocational function.

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Message from General Secretary

A Physiatrist or PMR physician is a medical specialist in pain, paralysis, musculoskeletal disorders, rheumatological diseases, diseases of nerve and brain, injury and illness related to disability. Physiatrist approaches to patient with a look at the person as a whole not just the disease or condition. BAPMR is the national medical specialty organization in Bangladesh that represents about 260 Physiatrists nationwide. The association started its journey in 1995 under the dynamic leadership of Prof. Md. Quamrul Islam the father of Physical Medicine in Bangladesh. Since the beginning the association has been sincerely working to raise the awareness regarding the specialty among physicians and general people. Our members are actively participating in scientific meeting at national, regional and international level with exchange of new ideas in the field of Physiatry. BAPMR has been organizing scientific seminars, symposium, workshops and international days related to disability regularly.

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Journals of BAPMR

International Conferences


5th National Convention and Scientific Conference BAPMRCON 2008

Date: 2008-11-15 to 2008-11-16


  • Sheraton Hotel, Dhaka
  • BIAM Auditorium, BSMMU, Dhaka


Rehabilitation Medicine for Freedom of Mobility


  • State of art lecture: PMR Education
  • Neurorehabilitaiton
  • Rheumatology


  • State of art lecture: PMR Education.

Topic –

  • Asia and Oceania Education and Training in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine-Prof. Tai Ryoon Han.
  • Preparing Malaysian Rehabilitation physicians for work in a community based setting- Dato Prof. Zaliha Omar.


  • Neurorehabilitaiton session.


  • Modernizing stroke rehabilitation- An European perspective- Mohammed Sakel.
  • Length of stay in In-patient rehabilitation after stroke in Qatar-Loganathan Venkatachalm.
  • Spinal cord injury management and rehabilitation: Highlights and shortcoming from the 2005 Earthquake in Pakistan.
  • Dysphagia management in Stroke patients- Tai Ryoon Han.


  • Rheumatology  session.


  • Gout: Is it crystal clear? - Dr. Arup Kumar Kundu.
  • Advancement in the therapeutic armamentarium of Rheumatoid Arthritis- Prof. Syed Atiqul Haq.
  • Therapeutic injections in Comprehensive Pain Management – Dr. Elena Polukhin.


  • Topic –
    • An information network system for PWD: A community based rehabilitation project in Malaysia- Dato Prof. Zaliha Omar.
    • PMR Teaching & Training scenario in India- Prof. B.K. Choudhury.
    • A prospective study to evaluate sexual problems in patients with spinal cord injury- Dr. SL Yadav.


  • Topic-
    • Rehabilitation after Total Knee Replacement- Dr. Sankarprasad Sinha.
    • Rehabilitation of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis- Prof. Rothindra Nath Halder.
    • Factors influencing Rehabilitation outcome in adult traumatic brain injury in Qatar- Dr. Al Yazeedi Wafa.


  • Topic-
    • Patterns of Urodynamic studies at Armed Forces Institute of rehabilitation medicine Pakistan-Dr. Amir Waheed Butt.
    • Traumatic spinal cord injuries in Pakistan a single center epidemiological survey of 163 patients- Dr. Faooq Rathore.
    • Concepts in the use of ergonomics in Bangladesh- Dr. Md. Shahidur Rahman.
    • Rehabilitation medicine: A transition from Tradition to Modern age- Dr. Mohd. Taslimuddin.
    • Recent development in upper limb Prosthesis- Dr. MA Shakoor.
    • Management strategy of patient with Ankylosing Spondylitis attending in the dept.  Of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Chittagong Medical College Hospital, Chittagong- Dr. Suzon Al Hasan.









  • Free paper session-



  • Risk factors stratification of patients with cerebral palsy attending in the dept. of PM& R, CMCH- Dr. Md. Amanul Hoque.
  • Evaluation of the effects of SWD in patients with Chronic Low Back Pain-Dr. Md. Shaik Ahmed.


  • Stroke rehabilitation in the dept. of PM& R, CMCH- A retrospective study- Dr. Zohirul Haq.


  • Evaluation of Disease Activity Score (DAS 28) among the Rheumatoid Arthritis patients: A 100 cases- Dr. Mohammad Nazim Uddin.


  • Disease profile of patients attending Neuro-rehab clinic, dept. of PM& R, CMCH- Dr. Md. Moin Uddin.


  • Outcome of Intra-articular Steroid Injection in Patients with Osteoarthritis of Knee attending in the dept. of PM& R, CMCH- Dr. Shafiul Karim Md. Elias.


  • Enthesopathy as a predictor of early Spondyloarthropathy- Dr. Md. Abu Bakar Siddiq.


  • Spectrum of rheumatologic diseases among the patients attended in the dept. of PM& R, CMCH- Dr. Md. Abdur Rahim.
  • Effects of low level LASER therapy in focal soft tissue rheumatism- Dr. Taslima Haq.
  • Patterns of musculoskeletal disorders among diabetic and non diabetic patients attending tertiary care hospital in Dhaka-Dr. Shahzaman Khan.
  • Evaluation of the effects of selective rehabilitation on the patients with Chronic Low back pain- Dr. MA Shakoor.
  • Effects of Short Wave diathermy on the patients with Chronic non specific low back pain-Dr. MA Ialam.
  • Effects of Short wave diathermy in the management of Pelvic Inflammatory disease- Dr. Farzana Khan.

The study of painful Shoulder patients  attending PMR department in Rajshahi Medical College Hospital- Dr. Zahirul Hoque.