Message from President

A specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation known as Physiatrist treats patients with physical and/or cognitive impairments and disabilities that result from musculoskeletal, neurological or other medical conditions. Physiatrists have expertise in medications, therapeutic exercise and interventions for management of pain and spasticity, electro diagnosis, prostheses, orthoses and other equipment to assist daily activities and coordinate treatment to help patients improve their physical, psychological, social and vocational function.

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Message from General Secretary

A Physiatrist or PMR physician is a medical specialist in pain, paralysis, musculoskeletal disorders, rheumatological diseases, diseases of nerve and brain, injury and illness related to disability. Physiatrist approaches to patient with a look at the person as a whole not just the disease or condition. BAPMR is the national medical specialty organization in Bangladesh that represents about 260 Physiatrists nationwide. The association started its journey in 1995 under the dynamic leadership of Prof. Md. Quamrul Islam the father of Physical Medicine in Bangladesh. Since the beginning the association has been sincerely working to raise the awareness regarding the specialty among physicians and general people. Our members are actively participating in scientific meeting at national, regional and international level with exchange of new ideas in the field of Physiatry. BAPMR has been organizing scientific seminars, symposium, workshops and international days related to disability regularly.

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Journals of BAPMR

International Conferences


2nd IRF World Conference & 7th National Convention and Scientific Conference BAPMRCON 2012

Date: 2012-12-02 to 2012-12-04


Ruposhi Bangla Hotel and Shaheed Dr. Milon Hall,BSMMU


Medical Rehabilitation in Rural and Developing Regions


Wahed Memorial Lecture

Topic –

  • Life sketch of Professor MA Wahed.

  • PMR specialty in Bangladesh- Prof. Md. Quamrul Islam.

Plenary Session-1: rehab issues.

  • The IRF’s Certificate Program in Global Rehabilitation: Training people to go Overseas- Haig A.

  • International Networking and Innovation in Stroke Rehabilitation- Olver.

Plenary Session-2: Neuro rehab.

  • Spinal cord injuries in the High and Low Resource Regions: A Tale of Two different Worlds- Rathore F.

  • The multi- disciplinary team approach in the holistic rehabilitation of Spinal Cord Injury( SCI) cases in Bangladesh- Taylor V.

Special Parallel Session

  • Indian scenario in neuro rehabilitation : an overview- Nirmal Surya.

  • Application of conventional MRI and serum NSE predicting the prognosis of neonates with HIE-Huang.

Plenary Session-3: Disaster management.

  • The disaster acute Rehabilitation team (DART) training program of the IRF and ISPRM – Haig A.

  • Medical Rehabilitation after natural disaster- Rathore F.

Special topic: Talking and Interacting with the Media.


Plenary Session-4: Community Based Rehabilitation.

  • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in Bangladesh, present perspective- Rahman S.

  • The study of CBR in India with respect to SAARC nations for sustainable rehabilitation in P& O- Datta.

  • Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims –AKM Salek.


Work group: White book on PMR.

Plenary Session-5: International perspectives.

  • Are rehabilitation programmes enabling clients to return to work perspectives of individuals with mild to moderate TBI- Soeker.

  • Rehabilitation in Cambodia, a personal account- Wu J.

  • An overview of the of rehabilitation medicine training in Australia- Afreen R.

Plenary Session-6

  • Critival issues in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation BSMMU and National Perspectives- Zaman.

  • Success story of establishing Medical Rehabilitation services in a peripheral Hospital in Srilanka- Kasthuriratne.

  • The nature and Prevalence of disability in a Ghanaian community as measured by the Language Independent Functional evaluation- Haig A.

Free paper session:

  • Patients with Hemi-spatial neglect are more prone to limb spasticity – Sakel.

  • Effects of TENS on patients with Acute Low Back Pain –Badrunnessa.

  • Rehabilitation of Elderly people in My Community- Muhib.

  • Assessment of knowledge of final year medical students regarding the basic facts and management of stroke: A questionnaire based study- Rathore F.

  • Role of Aerobic exercise on Primary Fibromyalgia Syndrome- Rashid.

  • Presentation of painful musculoskeletal disorders a cross- sectional study at community level –Moinuddin.

Special topic: Interventional Physiatry.

Plenary Session 7: Musculoskeletal Medicine

  • Cervical spondylosis – a soft target in India- Pramanik R.

  • Measurement of Musculoskeletal Functions Goniometry- Uddin T.

  • Incidences of Rheumatic & other musculoskeletal disorders in India- Halder RN.

Free paper session:

  • Disease profile of indoor patients in the dept of PMR, Chittagong Medical College Hospital, 2011- Rahman M.

  • Pattern of diseases and disabilities among patients attending , Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation dept, NITOR, Bangladesh- Monjur.

  • Effects of Lumbar corset on the patients with Lumbar Spondylosis- Tariqul M.

  • Salvation for the deserving (SFD) : A community rehab centre- Sinha.

  • A study on disease pattern of admitted patients in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitaiton dept in Rangpur Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh- Moniruzzaman M.

Special topic: Interventional Physiatry.

Plenary Session 8: Rehab issues.

  • Are we neglecting neglect? - Sakel.

  • Ethical issues in Rehabilitation Research-Shakoor A.

  • Status of Medical Rehabilitation in Sri Lanka- Munidasa.

Free paper session:

  • Experience of spinal cord injury rehabilitation at spinal injury rehabilitation centre, Nepal- Dhaka.

  • Initiation of early rehabilitation and its effect on outcome of stroke patients – Khasru MR.

  • Effects of Activities of Daily Living ( ADL) instructions on patient with Osteoarthritis of the Knee- Nabi G.

  • Effect of locally made low cost heel pad in the management of heel pain –Habib.

  • Role of Phonophoresis in the management of adhesive capsulitis of Shoulder- Kumar S.

  • Treatment of OA knee with low cost locally constructed Unloading knee brace – Rahman.

Special topic: social and mainstream media on disability.

Free paper session:

  • Cognitive skills re-training for the patient’s after stroke- Sarada.

  • Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression in management of Neck and Back pain- Yakub A.

  • Backpack palsy as a rare cause of shoulder weakness –Mansoor.

  • Gestalt Psychotherapy to improve effectiveness of treatment procedure for head and neck Cancer patients-Bachher.

  • The comprehensive treatment outcome in sexual function and activity of people with spinal cord injury and experience from Bangladesh- Zabbar.

  • Dropped fingers in chronic RA: A case series- Rathore F.

Work group: IRF board meeting and future agenda.

Free paper session:

  • Role of medical acupuncture in Rehabilitation Medicine – Sinha.

  • A three year, single center, prospective survey of lower limb amputations in Pakistan-Rathore F.

  • Effect of Night Splint in the management of Planter Fasciitis- Dilir J.

  • Microdiscectomy and standard open lumbar discectomy for Lumber Disc Herniation: A comparative study- Arman DM.

  • Effect of exercise modality to reduce pain and disability on patients with chronic Osteoarthritis of the knee joint –Azad AK.

  • Scope of Physical Medicine Rehabilitation services at Corporate hospitals in Bangladesh- Araf MM.

Plenary Session 9:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders among dentists working at a tertiary care dental institute –Mansoor.

  • Zoledronic in updated rehabilitation of Osteoporosis – Khan A.

  • Percutaneous vertebroplasty: Probable emerging intervention option in osteoporotic compression fracture treatment in Bangladesh – Rahman.

Plenary Session10:

  • Challenges in management of Osteoarthritis in India- Pramanik.

  • Cancer pain management- Akyuz G.

  • Efficacy and safety of integrative pain management & rehabilitation in patients with chronic pain syndrome A pilot study-Polokhin E.

Special topic: creating Indian Disabiity Legislatin- Javed Abidi.